Online Student Verification Process



Process Overview


Educational Institution

·         Provide a letter to health professions students to inform them of the requirement to complete a background check prior to enrollment or within 90 days of the first clinical rotation, if the hospital requires student background checks.


·         Refer the student to the THA website,, to select Student Background Checks.




·         Access the website and complete the process to initiate the background screening by:


·         Entering his/her biographical information for the past 7 years


·         Electronically signing the Disclosure and Authority to Release Information form


·         Making payment via debit or credit card



Verified Credentials

·         Processes and completes the background screen order




·         Upon completion of the order the report may be delivered or   .

       electronically shared


·         A summary report may be delivered or electronically shared with the academic institution, displaying limited information:

·         Student’s demographics

·         Type of verifications ordered

·         Report Score (GREEN / YELLOW / RED)


·         Background check details WILL NOT be displayed to the academic institution


·         A full detailed report may be delivered to the student or electronically available


·         If report is marked GREEN, the educational institution will retain the report in the student’s file to confirm for the hospital that the student has met the background screening requirements.



Adverse Action Process


·         The Educational Institution receives a RED/YELLOW Rating on a Summary Report.


·         The School notifies the student by telephone and in writing that they would like to schedule an appointment to review the results of the student’s background investigation.  It will be necessary for the student to bring the copy of the report and all correspondence from Verified Credentials to the appointment.


·         The student and advisor/Dean will review the results of the report and will decide to either appeal to the hospital based on the circumstances or challenge the accuracy of the results with Verified Credentials.


·         If the student does not challenge the results or appeal based on the circumstances, participation in all clinical rotations will be denied because the student did not meet the hospital’s requirement for a clear background.


·         A passing grade is a requirement in all clinical courses and clinical participation is a requirement for graduation.  A letter based on institutional policy and addressing this concern should be sent to the student by the educational institution.



Challenged Results


FCRA Section 611 Procedure in case of Disputed Accuracy


·         Students, who question the accuracy of the report, may send Verified Credentials a brief written statement as to the area they believe to be incorrect.


·         A re-verification will be made if reasonable ground exist that the request is not frivolous or irrelevant.


·         If parts of the report are deleted or changed because of this re-verification, the school or educational institution and the consumer will be notified of the amended report. 


·         All disputes must be documented in writing and sent to the address or E-mail address below:


Verified Credentials Inc.

20890 Kenbridge Court

Lakeville , MN 55044